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Shocking Salaries of The Health Insurance Monopoly Network

This started out as a facebook post but the longer it became I figured I might as well just turn it into a blog article.  I wanted to share this because people need to know these things.  Not to mention my life’s goal of seeing pharma and the “sick care” system totally collapse.  Be the change right?  Here goes…
A prime example of the absolute incompetent, greedy, & downright evil “sick care” system of ours.
This was in a group I am in. Kid is allergic to egg protein. Kid’s doctor KNOWS this. There is egg protein in vaccines.
So Mom asks the doctor to write a medical exemption so her kid can go to school. (I think this was in a state with no religious or philosophical exemption available).
The doctor REFUSES to write an exemption and said they could hang out in the waiting room after getting vaccinated to see if he was going to have a reaction.
If you were allergic to peanut butter would your doctor advise you to eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich? If you were allergic to penicillin do you think they would recommend giving it to you? HELL NO
But of course, since it’s a vaccine (and pharma can’t be sued for vaccines & neither can the doctor) THEY RECOMMEND GIVING YOU WHAT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO. Not only that they want to INJECT it into your body.
Like I can’t even contain my anger right now. I am so disgusted with this system and the absolutely blatant and RAMPANT tyranny going on.
And people are PAYING for this!
I have not had health insurance for a while now. Some people may think that is irresponsible but let me explain my reasoning for this and I guarantee you won’t think the same after.
Ok before I explain that I figured I might as well explain my background for all the followers that do not know me well. Not that my resume means I’m smarter than everyone or anything. (I’m not as arrogant as the pharma gods). I just wanted to explain to get a better idea of where I’m coming from in all of this.
I have worked for Anthem. I have also been a paralegal for 10+ years. In the healthcare industry, insurance defense, medical malpractice, personal injury, medical debt collection & family law.
I have seen enough of how things work “behind the scenes” on the administrative and financial/legal end of things to know just how screwed up the system is. The revolving door between FDA employees and the pharma companies themselves. The same with the CDC. AND the INSANE amount of money pharma lobbyists spend to line the pockets of your government to make policies that put our children in harm’s way.  I have seen a lot of bullsh*t!
I’ve seen how your health insurance companies operate and how incompetent they are. The incredible amount of money that CEO’s of health insurance companies make is disgusting. Did you know that the CEO of United Health Group’s Total Compensation for 2017 was $83,200,000.00? Most of them actually make more than CEO’s of pharma companies. Merk’s CEO made about 1/3 of this amount in 2016.
Did you read that correctly? That’s OVER 83 MILLION DOLLARS. That breaks down to $227,945.20 a DAY! He makes almost $10,000 an hour every single hour. Around the clock. 24/7 and that is just one person’s salary. Anthem has over 40,000 employees by the way.
Top executives of health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies & their shareholders are basically a mafia. A cartel. They have the entire system locked down in their favor.
For the people who say that this is just free market capitalism and people are allowed to make that much money, I would agree with you if that were the reality. But it’s not. Don’t be naive. This “cartel” is not stupid and relies on you being naive or ignorant to keep up this “scheme we like to call healthcare.” 
Some people think that the insane amount of tyranny cannot all be real and say things like, “so what is like every doctor in on this….. come on there’s no way!”
If I had a $1 for every time I have heard that I’d be a billionaire by now. The answer to that is of course NOT. They have doctors locked down too. This is what people sometimes do not grasp or understand the complexity of and which is why I am breaking it down in the simplest of terms so everyone can see just how insane this all is. Parents are going to have to get smarter and fight harder or their kids are going to pay the price if they haven’t paid it already that is.  No judgment here we’ve all been severely lied to and when you know better you do better.
If you want to make good money and have your own practice you are going to want to be in network with the major health insurance companies. There are all sorts of contracts and clauses in the in-network agreements they sign. Doctors who have more office staff don’t really interact with the admin/financial side of things because they have medical billers and staff to do that so they can focus on their patients. So it’s not like every doctor knows what the hell is going on in this web of tyranny. They’re busy.
They get bombarded with pharmaceutical reps constantly. The pharma reps are not medical professionals and usually have degrees in marketing/sales. They’re salesmen. Plain and simple. They are told what to say about the drug.  It’s not like they were in the lab when it was made and carried out the drug trials for FDA approval.  They are salesmen.  Their livelihood depends on persuading the doctor to start prescribing one of their drugs to patients.

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