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Blog Category: Transportation

Aerial Surveillance Has Many Applications

Aerial Surveillance Has Both Domestic and Military Uses. The Growing NWO Police State Will Use Military Technology for a Quiet Lock-Down of Free Society. Aerial surveillance used by farmers to monitor their crops is a benign and beneficial way to use this technology. Unfortunately, this technology is used to spy on American citizens. The tools

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The Story About Chemtrails

Learn About Chemtrails Through Quotes and Videos. The Lines in Our Skies Prove Our Government Lies, Many Theorize That the Goal is to Poison People for NWO Control. Let’s talk about Chemtrails and the threat they pose to you. There are those who believe chemtrails are nothing more than vapor trails created when hot jet

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Truth About Airport Security

Ideas About Airport Security Have Become the Focus of the Government. NWO Rulers Use Military Presence in Every Day Life to Condition People for Life Without Freedom. Anyone that has jumped on a plane as of late has an opinion about airport security. Most believe the government is acting this way because they are concerned

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New York City Released 440 Dangerous Criminal Illegal Aliens Into Society According to ICE Report

The blatant disregard for the safety of the American people by our own officials is not even being hidden anymore.  It’s right out in the open. That’s how bold these criminal have gotten.  Trying to use a far leftist Marxist doctrine to shame any American into supporting a forced immigration agenda, which might as well

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Separation of Church & State

If you are someone who believes in the separation of church & state you probably won’t after reading this blog post.  How can you separate church & state if the church created the state? All you have to do is look on the back of a dollar bill. See that part that says,”In God We

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