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Divine Nature Activation: Christ Consciousness is Upon Us

Divine Nature Activation: Christ Consciousness is Upon Us

Divine Nature Activated is a collection of tools for spiritual transformation that addresses epigenetic conditioning and family patterns of trauma. How much do we really know about human history?  Have you ever stopped to wonder why some things just don’t add up?  If we evolved from monkeys who created the monkeys and why do monkeys still exist?  If we were created by an intelligent source (God) why can’t he/she show himself/herself to us?  Why have 16 books been removed from the bible? Why does the Vatican claim ownership of our souls?  I could go on and on and on. You get the point.

What if the answers were within us all along?  What if the evolution and creation theories we’ve been told are BOTH wrong?  What if aspects of both are true?

If we were created by an intelligent source wouldn’t there be some sort of scientific evidence left within all of creation leading back to this creator?  

I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying modern day science that most of our DNA is “junk with no use.”  Ok. Why on earth would we be born only with 3% of our DNA blueprint active (2 strands)? You mean to tell me that 97% of my DNA just doesn’t work and I don’t need it for anything anyway?  Pffft. That’s ridiculous! It has a use or we wouldn’t have it.

Below are two paragraphs extracted from the book Staradigm about junk DNA.

To call anything in our body “junk” is naïve because nature would never create something that has no role in the evolution of the Universe. Our junk DNA contains the higher and more powerful strands of our DNA. These strands hold the key to our true history and evolution. The reason that they do not seem to function is because they are turned off. This is necessary because our bodies have not evolved enough yet to handle the functions of the junk DNA. At our current state of evolution, turning on big portions of our junk DNA would destroy our health. Our current bodies cannot handle the high-frequency energies that travel through our junk DNA. The only way we can turn on portions of our junk DNA without destroying our bodies is to slowly turn them on in sequences.

Scientists have known for decades that our solar system has been moving through a more energetically charged area of our galaxy, which is known as the Galactic Center. Because this section of our galaxy is more energetically charged, it is causing certain portions of our junk DNA to slowly turn on. This galactic event can cause us to have more vivid dreams, physical pains, stress, past memories recall and psychic experiences. If we are not ready to deal with these events, our lives may be very chaotic in the next few years.

Divine Nature Activation: Christ Consciousness is Upon Us

What if this is the key that unlocks our past and allows us a glimpse into our future? What if that “Junk DNA” could be turned ON?

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It has been over a century since DNA was discovered and yet scientists still have not understood the true roles of DNA and its relationship to our health. One of the main reasons for this is because most scientists are only studying the surface of DNA which consists of nucleotides, sugars, phosphate, and amino acids.

When we activate our junk DNA, we allow high-frequency energies that have amazing healing potential into our bodies. These types of energies can heal diseases, extend our lifespans and activate certain hidden abilities within us, such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

DNA activation holds the key to optimal health and enlightenment. Is there an immortality gene hidden within the human DNA blueprint?  I think we’re about to find out the answer to that soon enough. Buckle up kids, we’re in for a wild ride!

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