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Blog Category: Freedom

5 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Conspiracy theories.  Such a loaded term.  We are living in an insane society.  When anything not given the corporate government mainstream media seal of approval is labeled “fake news,” and Fascistbook becomes more orwellian by the day restricting free speech, it becomes more important than ever to do your own research. “In a world of

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Vaccine Series Part 3: 5 Facts Everyone Should Know

Vaccines are safe and effective.  Vaccines eradicated polio.  Vaccines have saved so many lives.  Vaccine injuries are really rare, like one in a million. Vaccines go through rigorous testing before they are approved for market.  I’d rather have a child with autism than a dead child. People who choose not to vaccinate put other kids

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Vaccine Series Part 2: Amanda's Gardasil Story

Amanda Purcell is one of the many victims who have been injured by the Gardasil vaccine. She’s a twenty-seven-year-old wife and mother residing in Colorado. This is her story: “Growing up, my parents had all of us kids fully vaccinated (I have an older brother and younger sister). My mom said the thought that vaccines

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Abracadabra: The Power of Words

Abracadabra: Have you ever stopped to wonder why humans speak so many different languages and dialects? How many times have you heard, “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me?”   Well, along with just about everything else we have been fed, that’s one of the biggest lies ever told.

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Cover Your Assets! Government's Favorite Cash Cow is Back: Civil Forfeiture

Civil assets Forfeiture is growing out of control across the nation. Thousands of private citizens are stopped for routine traffic violations (broken tail lights, obscured plates, speeding, etc) and are questioned: “Do you have anything in the vehicle I should know about?” It seems like a fairly reasonable question to most innocent citizens. The vast

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