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Blog Category: Pharmaceuticals

Don’t Want Cancer? Then Stop Eating This Crap

In today’s day and age of processed and “fast” food, much of what we eat is actually a detriment to our health.  I sometimes wonder why our society will go to great lengths to make sure our kids are safe and healthy in terms of things like car seats and vaccines, yet overlooks the profound

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Vaccine Series Part 5: The Vaccine Kangaroo Court

Vaccine: How many times have you been watching television or browsing the internet and see ads come up like, “Have you been injured or lost a family member from *insert name of drug or medical device*, we can help, call our firm at 888-888-888?” They’re everywhere.  Even the advertisements for these drugs list horrific side

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The War on Drugs: Complete Failure!

The war on drugs is bullshit.  Let’s be honest.  As with every other war, America just doesn’t ever end wars.  We drag them out forever and it becomes obvious the “enemy” we’re declaring war on, is controlled by the same tyrants making the declaration of said war.  Sabotage from the beginning. Drug overdoses are now

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What Every Parent Needs To Know

If Facebook brought you to this link then you probably already know how much I’ve been sounding the alarm about Child Protective Services and Medical Kidnapping.  With corruption running rampant it’s no surprise that our children are now just cash cows to certain industries who buy off our politicians and place their minions within the

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5 Industry Shills To Watch Out For

In every industry corruption will take hold. Anytime a profit is to be made there will always be ones who will exploit it.  It’s just not safe anymore to trust your doctor, the FDA, CDC,  the pharmaceutical companies and even the medical schools.  Follow the  money.  That will always show you who’s controlling what.  Including

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